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2017-2018 SEASON IS HERE!!!

Well the Texas deer season is here and we want to make sure you have everything ready to go. We have updated our deer processing prices and you will be happy to know the only thing we changed was a couple of item to keep up with the times check out our Prices and Forms page).

Clay's Deer Processing located in Dublin, Texas has been

quoted by our customers as being "The Best Deer Processor in Texas." A standard we continuously uphold

We have added a ton of new deer processing options. Feel free to use our 24 hour drop-off cooler on the west side of the building Print your order form ahead of time and let the family choose what they want. Our Basic Deer Processing charge is $75. We did not raise our price last year due to the economy but we made some minor changes to help us offer you more services. We appreciate your business and this should be a great year. We can't wait to see you! Thank You for being such great customer.

We now carry our own brand of rubs and hot sauces. Our new website for our seasonings will be so keep checking beack to see when it up. We have also expanded our markets product lines and as always "We are Texas's Best Deer processor!"

Clay's Processing and Smoke House has been expanded to a full meat market with both commercial and retail sales. Our new facility has holding pens in the back. We supply both Texas residents and local restaurants with premium cuts and quality meats.  We now provide our customers with custom processing of any type with any livestock or wild game. Our new facility is in downtown Dublin, Texas across the street from the famous Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling shop.

You have to check out our well established shop (Click Here)!!! We are very proud of our hard work and many people have told us it brings back memories. They say  it feels like and old time meat market, but with a classy Texas atmosphere.

Clay's Deer Processing and Smoke House is a family owned business, that will meet all your animal processing needs. Located in Dublin, Texas we've been serving Texan's for many years. As you know hunting season in Texas is a tradition for many decades now and we want to help you enjoy your harvest. Our customers have quoted us as being the "Best Deer Processor in Texas" and we value that. People travel from all over Texas to have Clay's Deer Processing, process their deer.

What We Process:

  • All Domestic Livestock
  • Deer (Whitetail, Mule, Axis, Fallow, Sika Deer, Couse Deer and Red Stag)
  • Hogs (Wild, Domestic and Javelina)
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Sheep (Texas Dall, Red Texas Dall, Corsican, Black Hawaiian)
  • Goats
  • Exotics (Addax, Aoudad, Buffalo, Eland, Gemsbok, and Nilgai Scimitar Horned Oryx)
  • Antelope (North American and Black Buck)

"Clay's Processing is the best Texas Deer Processor, their quality is unmatched. Their bratwurst and hot links simply smokes the competition!"

E. Hansen

Wichita Falls, Texas

Our Facility:

Our legendary facility located in Downtown Dublin, Texas. It has the latest equipment and true Texas nostalgic feel. We pride ourselves on keeping a spotless facility. We have thought of every detail and if you have any suggestions please feel free to tell us. After all you are the customer!

We use numerous smokers and maintain an external 24 hour drop-off cooler so hunters can preserve their game before we process it. On our website we provide you with an order form you can print out and keep in your vehicle. It will also allow you to think about what exactly you want out of your harvested animal, for example the cuts and types of sausage you want.

Customers From All Over:

At Clay's Processing we want to thank our customers for traveling from all over the state to get their livestock, deer and wild game processed with us. We value you and appreciate your patronage. As a deer processor in Texas we know how important your game is to you and we want to make sure that you get exactly what you want.  So as the Best Deer Processor in Texas we welcome you to give us a try and now you can pick up some of the best cuts of meat in Texas, with over a decade of experience we know you will return. We are not a fly by night operation, we are here to stay.


"I would never trust my deer processing with anyone else. By the way your Clay's links are amazing and don't stop making them, I am a big fan! Thanks for the great work, you are definitely the Best Deer Processor in Texas"

T. Dupree

Watauga, Texas

Hot News, Antler Restrictions For Some Counties:

Be sure to check your Texas Parks and Wildlife Division Outdoor Annual for antler restrictions and game limits. There has been some changes you might want to check out!!


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