Below is our detailed price list and this should help you get exactly

what you want. Please see our printable order form that you can

print out and keep in your vehicle so you can fill it out before you drop

off you harvested animal. This will allow you to get a rough idea of what

it will cost. Remember the final price will be based on the amount

processed in pounds or per product.

We value you as our customers and we happy to let you know we have not changed our basic prices. We have also add some more custom processing items like Cajon sausages, Salami and hamburger patties. All of our processing now comes in vacuum packed packages.

Our Processing Price List:

This has been a tough year for everybody so we have done our best to maintain our same prices as last year. So get out there and hunt and we will be waiting for you to bring in your monster. You can print your order form and fill it out in truck so you can speed up you drop off at our 24/7 drop off cooler on the east side of our building.

Print your order form before you hunt! Click Here for a printer friendly form.

About our pricing. Unlike other processors we do not charge you for skinning, cleaning or any other preparation for processing. The prices below are what you pay. So don't be fooled by the lower processing prices elsewhere. Although it looks like you are saving somewhere else, you might actually be paying $15 more after a $15-$20 skinning fee plus a $15-$20 cleaning fee your supposed $85 basic processing is now $95-$100. We hide nothing but our secret recipes! 

Below is Our Processing Price List (Subject to change without notice)

Basic Deer Processing: ($85.00)       Price Includes Skinning

Hogs: (up to 200lbs $100.00 )               Price Includes Skinning

Hogs: (Over 200lbs $.85lb)                  Price Includes Skinning

Tenderizing: ($20.00 per deer, Have all or some tenderized, you pick)

Cutlets: ($20.00 per deer)


Hind Quarter Cuts:

Hamburger Ground (With Basic) 

Bacon Burger  ($.75 per Lb)    (Bacon ground in with meat)

Chili Style (With Basic) 


Hamburger Patties:

Hamburger Patties ($1.00 Lb)

Breakfast Sausage:    

Mild   Medium   Hot  ($2.50 Lb)


Deer Bacon:  

Smoked ($8.00 Lb)


Smoked Sausage Links:        

Clay’s Links:**Most Popular Selection!**

Regular ($4.00 Lb)

Jalapeño & Cheese ($4.50 Lb)

NEW Green Pepper Chipotle ($4.00 Lb)

NEW Green Pepper Chipotle with Cheese ($4.50 Lb)

NEW Italian Sweet Reg or Hot ($4.00 Lb)

NEW Cajon Regular ($4.00 Lb)

NEW Cajon Regular with Cheese ($4.50 Lb)



Regular ($4.00 Lb)            

With Cheese ($4.50 Lb)  


Hot Link: 

Regular ($4.00 Lb)            

Jalapeño & Cheese ($4.50 Lb)



Regular ($4.00 Lb)

Jalapeño & Cheese ($4.50 Lb)



Clay’s Steak Jerky ($8.25 per pound Raw)

Note: The cost of jerky is based on the raw weight of the meat, and then it is seasoned and cooked. When you receive your jerky it will be fully cooked/smoked and ready to eat.     


Summer Sausage:

Regular ($14.50 per 3Lb stick)     

Jalapeño & Cheese ($15.10 per 3Lb stick)       


Salami Regular ($14.50 per 3Lb stick)

Jalepeno with Cheese ($15.10 per 3Lb stick)


Game caped for mounting ($42.00 per Animal) 


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