Checkout our new facility!!!

Take a look at our facilities we have nothing to hide. No pun intended.

The street view

This is our new facility!!

We are very proud of our work. You have come down and see it for yourself. We have a full retail selection of spices, peppers, and of course Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Our meat counters

Our checkout counters

Scott preparing Ribeye's

Scott is preparing Ribeye steaks for the Ben Hogan Benefit Dinner, in Dublin, Texas, the birth place of Ben Hogan!

Of course we carry Dublin Dr. Pepper!

This is our Self-Serve counter

Almost everything in this case can be microwaved for 1 minute and you are ready to eat! We're talking brisket, chicken, sausage, and many other quality vaccum packed products! Great for a quick lunch.

Jimmy and the boys

Jimmy and the boys hard at work!!!

Clay's Links in the smoker

These guys are almost ready to eat! Every link is hand spun to ensure to you get the best product possible. The process it takes to create these awesome tasting links is lengthly, but it only takes a minute or two to eat.


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